About Us

Motha Brand - Launched in 1960 Motha is the clear leader in Sri Lanka’s Dessert, Beverage Mixes and Cake Ingredients market. This leadership position, confirmed in a recent independent survey, has now surpassed over five decades, ranking Motha as one of Sri Lanka’s leading heritage brands with consistent growth achieved through years of hard work, prudent leadership and a vision for brand building.

Recognized by young and old, Motha has become an iconic brand among Sri Lankans offering a superior and delightful indulgence experience that make, ordinary family occasions special. Being the pioneering innovator in the category, the company continues to offer exciting new convenience products that save time and money, while retaining the richness of homemade desserts and beverages.

Among those touched by the Motha brand are students and mothers across the country, benefiting from the pioneering experiential brand marketing campaigns. These holistic brand experience campaigns include cookery programmes conducted by popular culinary experts and also competitions that encourage students to showcase their entrepreneurial skills.

Our Customer interactions are not only a constant source of regular feedback, but also operate as an incubator for innovation and product enhancement as well.

Our values - We recognize that discernible and consistent superior quality is what differentiates Motha from other competing brands in the market. All our actions hinge on this core belief imbued in a culture of caring. Beginning at home, our employees are treated like family, proven by their long tenure with many boasting over 20 years of service.

Our values transcend our employees to other stakeholders as well, demonstrated by our distributor partnership with Delmege Forsyth & Company spanning over 35 years. This special relationship is built on trust, transparency and a deep understanding of our mutuality.

Similarly we work very closely with our supplier partners to develop products that meet our stringent standards of quality. The commitment to quality demands pursuing best in class suppliers of ingredients and forming lasting relationships with stakeholders. The mission of bringing quality products and offering superior taste is possible because of the founding principles of strong and trusted supplier relationships built on equity and fair play, an enduring experience affirmed by all those whose lives have been touched by the Motha brand. Knowledge and experience sharing is a key tenet of this relationship that extends beyond business.

Over the years Motha has taken steps to improve the quality of the products by innovating, embracing good manufacturing practices supported by a strong Quality Assurance Division.