Our History

The Beginning (1930 to 1960) - Sometime in early 1930, the founder, Mr. Tiburtius Motha, established T Motha & Sons, a trading house that imported candies and jelly crystal. The journey that began as a small family business, was soon able to flourish, offering world renowned brands of hard candy. Among the brands imported was a formidable portfolio of British Candy including Trebor (now known as Cadbury Trebor Basset), Hacks, and Watson’s Toffees, Moorhouse Jelly Crystals & Puddings.

The founder's leadership spanning three decades came to an end when Mr. T Motha decided to step down, retiring in 1950. His retirement paved the way for the present Chairman, Mr. Julius Motha to take over the business along with his brother. The purchase of the Athapattu Walawwa, in Kotahena, where the factory and office are located on a near acre of prime land marked one of the first actions of the present chairman.

Expansion (1960-1990) - The Motha Confectionery business enjoyed decades of growth under the able stewardship of Mr. Julius Motha. However changes in the political arena in the 1960’s forced a rethink of business strategy, as socialist policies took root in the country. The government at the time encouraged local manufacture, while easing out imports. In 1960, the company began manufacturing hard boiled sweets and toffees. Later other products were introduced including jelly crystals; the most sort after being Motha Strawberry Jelly.

As early as 1985, the company recognized the need for a professional marketing and distribution partner to sustain its growth momentum. Marking a significant milestone in the history of the company, Motha Confectionary Works chose Delmege Forsyth & Company Limited as its distribution partner of choice; chosen not only for their island wide network, reach and expertise, but more importantly for the values shared by both companies.

Consolidation (1990- to the present) - The 21st century was heralded by a slew of groundbreaking products that came to symbolize the innovative spirit of the company such as the Faluda & Milk Shake Mixes. The steady growth of business required additional production capability, which was facilitated by two well equipped & technologically advanced plants located in Kotahena and Ganemulla.

November 2010 was a special occasion in the annals of the company. Two jubilees, one gold and the other silver, marking significant milestones in the growth of the company were celebrated. The 50th anniversary of the launch of the Motha brand was the first milestone. The second marked the 25 year partnership with Delmege.

Future - As we peer into the future, we affirm our commitment to serve our loyal customers and consumers alike with desserts and ingredients that delight. Our confidence stems from the deep-rooted belief that the values espoused by our founding fathers would guide us into the challenging new world of the 21st century.